Mariano Pietrini

Mariano Pietrini

Mariano Pietrini (12 March 1945 – 1 February 2017) was born in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, in the province of Messina. A multifaceted artist, difficult to pigeonhole into a well-defined style or current, he created more than two thousand works during his forty-year career.
Raised in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Barcelona, Mariano spent his youth in contact with various artisan workshops, “stealing” the secrets of the trade with his eyes. Football in his hometown team is another of his great passions.
After obtaining a degree in Economics and Commerce at the University of Messina, Mariano teaches applied mathematics in the technical institutes of the province and simultaneously works as an accountant. In 1973 he married Gisella, who is not only a caring and loving wife but also a passionate supporter of his artistic passion. From their union three children are born: Ada, Veralisa and Nino.
Painter, sculptor, poet and writer, Mariano Pietrini is a convinced supporter of man’s infinite potential “when he immerses himself in the Light”. His theories, such as order in disorder, the Law of Contrasts and the Theory of Beauty, permeate his life and his artistic production.
His creative process is complex and often unpredictable, with a starting point always represented by a pad of paper. This block is used to “photograph” sensations and suggestions, subsequently reworked to obtain the most appropriate expressive form.
Mariano ranges from three-dimensional painting to color on color, from sculpture to papier-mâché, from art restorations to impressive “creations” such as the Jalari Museum Park. This work, conceived and created together with his brother Salvatore, is a crossroads of art, history and ethnography, overlooking the Barcelona hills. Over time, the Jalari project involves the entire Pietrini family, becoming a cultural point of reference in the region.
Jalari is a mystical, philosophical, artistic, energetic path, a microcosm that Mariano himself has renamed “The talking mountain”, “The Pyramid of Light of the Third Millennium”.
Mariano Pietrini has exhibited his art in several Italian and international cities, including Rome, Turin, Bardonecchia, Granada, Buenos Aires, Jackson and New Orleans in the United States. He loved Sicily for the strength of its volcanoes, its fiery sunsets and its tireless ability to create, dialogue with beauty, with stones, with echoes. “The talking stones of Jalari”, he always stated, “are the symbol of man’s creative force when he immerses himself in the Light”.
In 2001, the Telethon Foundation chose one of his sculptures to reward the municipality of Fidenza (Pr), recognizing it as the most supportive city in Italy in that edition. Also prolific in writing, Pietrini boasts around thirty publications, documenting his exciting artistic journey between 1979 and 2015. His artistic legacy continues to inspire and tell the fascinating story of a man who transformed his unique vision into a legacy lasting culture.