The Hammam at Dimora d’Arte Mariano Pietrini: A Return to Wellbeing and Oriental Tradition

The Hammam at the Dimora d’Arte Mariano Pietrini is an authentic oasis of relaxation, a place where the past blends harmoniously with the present, creating a unique sensory experience. Created by master Mariano Pietrini with sculpted walls and natural stone, the Hammam underwent careful renovation by his son Nino, who integrated modern design elements to highlight the evocative environment and works of art surroundings.
Entering the Hammam is like crossing a door of time, with walls that preserve the historical and artistic heritage of the House. The carved columns and natural stone create a feeling of authenticity and warmth, offering a tangible connection to the oriental tradition of Turkish baths.

The Hammam Cave, with its ornate walls and enveloping atmosphere, becomes a haven of tranquility. Here, the scent of aromatic essences, such as cedar wood and eucalyptus, mixes with the relaxing steam, giving a feeling of well-being and renewal. The sound of flowing water and the enveloping heat create an ideal environment for purification of body and mind.
The modern design delicately inserted into the Hammam offers contemporary comfort without compromising the authenticity of the experience. Tastefully furnished relaxation areas and soft lighting contribute to creating a welcoming atmosphere, inviting guests to completely immerse themselves in luxury and well-being.

The Hammam of Dimora d’Arte Mariano Pietrini is not only a physical place for the body, but also a space for the soul, where tradition, art and modernity embrace each other, offering an unforgettable experience of relaxation and regeneration.